Control Your Web Search Results!

Online Reputation Management is not just about responding to negative feedback about your brand. It is also not about dealing with the rants of an ex-employee or a business rival who ended up on the wrong side of a deal. Online Reputation Management is about controlling what people (clients, customers and business relations) read about you online. When you are popular among a large section of people, there are bound to be discussions about you. Because the Internet is a medium open to everyone with a computer and connection, they will write about you. Those posts can be favorable or otherwise. But there will always be voices that speak about your brand, but don't belong to your company.

Online Reputation Management controls these voices and their effect on your business network and prospective customers. Any post on the Internet will inevitably show up on the search engine results. When people write about your brand and post them online, others looking for your brand will find them. These posts will go a long way in determining what kind of an image they have about your brand. Users feel that independent writers make objective comments about services, products or their features. They are more likely to believe these reviews than the company literature that you publish. So you have to make sure that people looking for you don't read something that is not portraying your company in a positive light. That is where we come in!

We regulate your brand's voice on search engine rankings. We ensure that prospective clients, customers, stock holders, co-workers and even personal contacts get the right ideas about the work you do. Reflecting your brand in the correct light is important for its growth. You cannot ignore sundry posts made on the Internet, or dismiss them as rants. You know the facts that enable you to dismiss these posts as old wives' tales. But for a user not aware of your business or how you work, these posts could make impressions that never leave their minds. You may be setting yourself up for huge losses if you are not controlling what appears on the search engines when people use your brand as the search keyword.

Here are some ways which we use to control search engine results for your brand:

  • Optimize your website for better visibility
  • Post content (articles, blog posts, press releases) online
  • Make comments on content in the same domain
  • Conduct social media marketing campaigns to create a buzz about your brand
  • Respond to emails and queries that come in from curious customers
  • Maintain bookmarks and directories on the Internet to drive traffic to your website
  • Reciprocal link exchanges with credible websites to make your brand more visible
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